BTT to make use of Apple Translate


I want to use a BTT trigger to translate text using Translate by Apple in the context menu.

screenshots below

  • top one shows the selected paragraph of text and the context menu. Notice that the menu item is not simply "Translate", it is "Translate followed by a few words of text in the paragraph" which is why I can't select one menu item in the context menu.
  • below is my attempt to create a BTT trigger
    1- is a series of actions to select paragraph which works perfectly, as discussed here how could I select a paragraph, which is equivalent to 4 mouse clicks in rapid succession (thank you @Small )
    2- is simply a right click which displays the context menu, which also works perfectly

I am pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to trigger the Translate item in the context menu.

thank you very much !


try it with the wildcard "Translate *"

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Can just use the "Trigger Context Menu Item" action..

Edit: Ooof @SLE beat me to it lol

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thank you very much @SLE and @Small ! I wanted to test both your methods but disaster has struck in the form of massive spontaneous duplication of all my BTT triggers.

I have to wait for someone to solve my problem before proceeding.
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Hi, it did not work. I just want to make sure I understand the syntax
you wrote
Translatel|| Translate*

Between the 2 words Translate there are TWO (not one) pipe signs, followed by a space ?
I ask because I am familiar with using one pipe sign in Keyboard Maestro which is the equivalent of OR.

Would you be so kind as to confirm that my interpretation of the syntax is correct, and could you explain why 2 pipe signs and why the space after the second one.

thanks very much


If an item can have multiple names based on it's state (e.g. hide and show), or if you want to trigger a similar item in different applications where it may have slightly different names, you can use || to trigger either one of them. For example Reload||Reload Page; will work in Safari and Chrome

Additionally you can also use a wildcard * if a menu-item has variable parts.

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OK thanks very much. Same in Keyboard Maestro except that it's only one |