BTT suddenly stops working

BTT suddenly stops recognizing gestures, restarting from menubar doesn't help. I activated priority helper tool, the problem persists. BTT is enabled.

The only solution is to open the actual BTT app. Then everything works for some time. Very annoying issue.

MacBook Pro 16 2021
macOS Version 12.5.1 (21G83)
BTT 3.901

what kind of gestures / actions? I think there haven’t been similar reports. Is it an issue with the alpha version you are on or has it happened before?

All gestures stop working, from menubar swipes to main window taps. I noticed this issue several days ago after purchasing lifetime license and updating to the latest version. Today I decided to update to alpha to see if the issue is solved but it's still here.

Is your BTT maybe getting disabled due to some settings? (You can see that by clicking the menubar icon, it would have a message like this:

Nope, I am sure it's not. The only way I could make it work again is opening the main app. Once the BTT window is active, everything works.

If the issue happens again, could you go to Help => Export Diagnostic Debug Information (in the BTT main app menubar) and send it to ? This should show me what's happening.

Will do! Thank you