BTT stops responding after a few seconds


This started on Tuesday (March 17th). BTT would start using 100% CPU and freeze about a minute after launch (beachball when hovering over the app icon, Touch Bar not responding). Sometimes it would also disable the force click feature of the trackpad.

I have the latest alpha version installed 3.346 (1554). Restarting my Mac doesn't help. The only way to quit BTT in this situation is to kill the process + the relaunch process.

My device is a MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019) running macOS 10.15.3.


what kind of actions do you have configured in BTT? It sounds like something is triggering itself in an endless loop, maybe a keyboard shortcut that has itself assigned as action?

Thanks Andreas for replying so fast. It's mostly just a bunch of Touch Bar stuff, like Spotify controls, safari shortcuts, launch WhatsApp, etc. I haven't changed anything before the problem started, I've been running the same configuration for months.

Attaching my preset file here in case that helps:
Default.bttpreset (784.0 KB)

ah do you maybe have the experimental dropbox / icloud sync enabled? If so, try to disable that, it has been causing some issues lately.

I do not have those enabled.

weird, not sure what else could cause this. Your preset looks fine. Could you run this terminal command while this issue is happening?

sample BetterTouchTool -file ~/Desktop/BTTSample.txt

This will save a file called BTTSample.txt to your Desktop which could be helpful.

I noticed same trouble at (31.5 KB)