BTT Shortcuts integration development thread.

End of next week the first BTT version with deep shortcuts integration will be released.

If you have any ideas or feature requests, please let me know.

Hello !

A widget for Touch Bar, to display a Shortcut group. :slightly_smiling_face:


Good idea, that should be easy to do (for now: it's also very simple to add shortcut buttons to the Touch Bar in BTT manually).

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has this been released yet? im pretty new and I got golden chaos on my BTT, I'm not big on coding but I am trying to get shortcuts to run on my bar, I was thinking of the shortcut icon and when I click on it it opens the shortcuts within the touch bar,

I hope what ever you came up with I'm able to add it on to the golden chaos touch bar, there's a couple icons I took out because I deemed useless

This is great - one feature idea would be to be able to select the shortcut folders to be shown when displaying the shortcuts in a context menu.