As far i understand the "dozens chapters of Manuel" of BTT_Remote (:-)) - its possible to something!
What exactly... the manuael is saying none.

I just want PAGE 1 and PAGE 2 into ONE PAGE and than EXTRA 2-4 special key-strokes ... is this possible?

Or is ther ANY REALLY documentation about BBT Remote... _ Sorry, but the GENERRAL "Manuel"
is a bad joke!

In general BTT Remote is not a very complicated app, thus it doesn't have any documentation as of now.
You can add custom actions to do anything you want (see Bit confused with BTT Remote - how to add custom buttons? - #2 by Andreas_Hegenberg) but you can not modify the button layout.

However I wouldn't invest much time in configuring BTT Remote because soon there will be a completely new version with support for completely customizable button layouts.

Thanks Andreas.

BTW: Its not BTT_remote-relevant, its more to TV-Remotes in general.... will new "Remote" be able to understand IR-Signals? (There a lot of nice "remotes" but mostly sends just IR_Signals instead of keys/computer understandable signals.

no, I don't have a computer with an IR receiver. For remote support on macOS I highly recommend the app RemoteBuddy

Sorry for Delay - i was in NaATURE some days (i need this from time to time;-)))

Thanks - but i solved MY problem with this (i just wanted a remote to controll diverse YT/Odyssee Vids in my Browser directly from my bed... - i bought this REMOTE Air Mouse Remote mit Tastatur 2.4 GHz |

And for JUST 13 € its really great!!!!
I got (in conjucntion with BTT) the whole FRONT_SIDE for all i want for BRAVE / YT -Tab and Playlist....
WITHOUT any conflicts with my regularly KEY... normal BRAVE_use....

Well, It tooks some minutes (and traps intern BTT... DONT set the REMOTE next/prev/up/dwn... as "active" and so on - than you get conflicts with your normal KEYBOARD --- however, after spending some minutes now i have the perfect REMOTE for (Brave) YT and Odysse- from my bed consum!!

I can switch trough tabs, trough plalylisits, i can skip 5 secondes for/back, can jump to "capitel" (=START or 10... or 70... percent of the current VID... ) and so on.

Does anyone want such templete/preset? But disclaimer: it works only for this SPECIAL "remote" above!
However if you like post it here and will add a zip.file! If zip.files allowed/supported here?)

BTW: is there a tool wich shows the keystroke and its INTERN meaning? (for example: Logitech MX keys - if you press F8 = meaning an intern shift-alt-4, wich is the set screeenshot in osx-translation....) That would really helpful for stunts like this.