BTT ramps up the fans and slows down my Macbook Pro


I recently updated my BTT to the latest version (43340). (Unfortunately I didnt check what version I was running before the update, as I only update BTT once in a while). But currently when I launch the latest version of BTT, my Intel Macbook Pro 15's fans start to gradually ramp up (and on iStats I see that the CPU temp raises, and that's why my Mac's fan ramps up). And I also noticed that my Mac gets sluggish (for example sometimes need to click something twice or not so responsive). But if I quit BTT, then my Mac starts to be again responsive. I'm still running Big Sur (11.7.10). So I don't know if the current version of BTT is somehow incompatible with Big Sur? Although I think I also tried to install the BTT 43291 on top of the 43340, and it had the same problem.

(And I checked that I dont have the sync enabled)