BTT Play/Pause home strip not working (have to restart mac everytime)

The play and pause buttons stop working lately. I have to restart my mac then it works, but eventually throughout the day it stops working again. I can still push the Touch Bar button it, but it doesn't do anything. For any media (music, YT).

BetterTouchTool Version: 4.075


Do the system default buttons still work? This doesn't sound like a BTT issue, but some general macOS issue

Hey Andreas,

Thanks for the quick response on this.

The default buttons do work..

All the other touch bar buttons in my preset work fine. Just the pause/play randomly the last while.

Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg


I have since figured out that its got to do with WhatsApp voice notes that for some reason confuses the BTT system. Almost as though once you play a voice note, even if you set up conditional activation group for whatsapp, the other apps (like music or browser playing media) don't seem to be pausable and playable again until whastapp is quit.