BTT overriding regular function keys as media keys?

Just started using BTT and my function keys on my external keyboard don't work as media keys anymore but as F keys. Nothing in preferences has been changed. Please help?

I'd like them to work as they did for screen brightness, play, pause, etc.

BTT doesn't change this setting. Maybe you accidentally changed it in System Preferences => Keyboard?

I have triple checked this, I didn't change it.

Could it be anything else?

Does it work if you quit BTT? (BTT can only override stuff while it is running, so quitting it would be a good test to see whether it's caused by BTT)


The behaviour is same but tried another keyboard and it's different. Will look into it.

Sorry I didn't think this through before creating a post. Karabiner hasn't been great for me anymore and it's been frustrating, glad BTT is fitting my needs so far.

Hi Andreas, it seems I had Karabiner remapping my functions keys with a preset profile. Is this possible with BTT or would I have to remap each individual key?