"BTT Now Playing Info Artwork Identifier" scripting variable

Wondering how to use this variable. It return something that looks like a UUID, in my case, "1340C990-6513-46DC-BDE8-D99EB0FF0A3A". Can I pull album artwork using this variable? If anyone knows I'd be grateful for any info, thx!

This is most likely an Apple internal identifier (BTT just fowards all music related stuff).

Looking at the apple music web player, the album covers have similar identifiers (e.g. https://is3-ssl.mzstatic.com/image/thumb/Features124/v4/72/e0/3d/72e03d60-26e9-157c-dab0-b5d9c572da22/source/352x352cc.webp ) but the id is not enough to access them