BTT not working

Hi – I just updated to 3.402 (running Mac OS 10.15.6) and BTT appears to have stopped working. None of my original settings have been saved and when i re-apply them thye don't work - especially the pesky two finger swipe on magic maouse, which is why i bought BTT in the first place. Without being able to disable this function both the magic mouse and BTT are rendered useless!

Any ideas?

Is your BTT maybe disabled for some reason? (Click menubar icon to see the current state)

Don't think so

Looks good.

Could you open the preferences and go to Help => Export Diagnostic Debug Information and send the result to Then I'll probably be able to see what's wrong.


are you sure you configured some gestures? The debug files you sent don't seem to contain any configured gestures as far as I can see.

What were you using the two finger swipes for?

Possibly try to restore your settings from an automatic backup, to do this, open the BTT preferences => Help => Restore Settings from Backup