BTT not working with Logic Pro

I just bought BTT to save a bit of time editing podcasts in Logic Pro. I want to assign two keyboard shortcuts to my trackpad, and I've set one for the bottom right corner, and the other for the top right corner. Neither of them work. Both shortcuts work fine in Logic. How do I figure this out?

(Pretty disappointing that this isn't working right out of the box... I've already spent a half hour trying to figure this out.)

Maybe this helps All custom Macros and Gestures for Logic Pro broken in Logic Pro 10.6 and Catalina 10.15.7 [SOLVED] - #6 by Andreas_Hegenberg ?

Unfortunately I’m no Logic Pro user myself but I know that many people are using BTT with it, so it should work.

Well, that is reassuring. That doesn't help me much. It's not about the name change, because I selected Logic from within BTT.

I know the app isn't expensive, but I'd expect something more than this as a reply.

To figure out what's wrong I need a bit more info:

  • Could you post a screenshot of your setup in BTT?
  • What kind of trackpad are you using?
  • Does it work with other BTT gestures (e.g. three finger tap)?
  • Does the BTT Live View show the gestures triggering?

Three-finger tap works fine.

This is the latest Magic Trackpad on an M1 iMac.

Very interesting, maybe the trackpad behaves slightly different on the M1 when using corner clicks. Unfortunately I left my M1 Macbook at home (Apple really needs to release these 16" M1X MBPs :slight_smile: ) and will only be back there next week. I think I might need to look into this then.

You could try to disable palm / thumb handling, possibly this is where I need to adjust something for the M1:

Does the live view in BTT still show touches when you move your finger to the bottom of the trackpad? And does it show the force you apply? (The finger dot should have an outline that gets bigger the harder you press and the color should also change)2

Oh I have an idea what could be wrong.
Could you send me the debug info you get when going to Help => Export Diagnostic Debug Information? (

I just noticed that Apple might have silently updated the Magic Trackpad hardware - if you got the Magic Trackpad just when you got that M1 iMac it's possible I don't have the right identifiers for that trackpad yet.

Thanks for the debug info! I think I see what's wrong but I'll need my Magic Trackpad connected to an M1 to verify. Unfortunately I won't be able to do this until Tuesday next week.

I'll get back to you then. If you want a refund because you can not use BTT as intended for now, please send me a quick mail to

No, I can wait until next week. Thanks.