BTT not starting when MBP restarts

So I'll admit that I'm very new to all of this. I have watched a few tutorials and have some of the very basic understanding of BTT to where I can get the touch bar to the way I want it (mostly). The issue I seem to be having is that from time to time when I restart my Macbook Pro, I end up with the stock Apple touch bar and not BTT/Golden Chaos. I have BTT set to start automatically (launch better start tools on start up is checked) and this doesn't happen all the time but enough where I'm starting to question my purchase of this if it's not something that is reliable. So my first step is to come here and see if anyone can offer any pointers or suggestions. Let me know if any info is needed from me.

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Hey, I am also new to BTT and was having the same issue. But after reading through older forum posts, I changed some settings and since today morning, I don't seem to have the issue. So, perhaps you can try this too....

  1. From the Apple menu bar, open BetterTouchTool > Preferences
  2. Under Standard Settings > Basic > General section, enable 'Launch BetterTouchTool on Startup'
  3. Under Standard Settings > Touch Bar > Advanced tab, set 'After sleep, wait before reinitialising Touch Bar' to, say, 2 seconds. It is 0 by default. This is the most important setting, which solved the problem.
  4. Under Advanced Settings > General stuff section, enable 'Restart BTT after wake from sleep'

Thank you very much for the reply. I just went through and did steps 2 - 4 (I already had #1 done) and restarted. I see my BTT is back on again. Fingers crossed this works. I totally appreciate the info!

it worked like a charm

Definitely good advice here. I would suggest, however, that you only need to set the delay after sleep to 0.2 seconds max. Sometimes 2 seconds can actually slow you down a lot and it's just not necessary to achieve the desired outcome.