BTT no longer works with the keyboard

Problem with keyboard (and only keyboard, everything else works fine)
All BTT keyboard shortcuts, key sequences, or gestures with holding keys, are not working.

Restarting BTT and Mac doesn't solve anything. Magic Keyboard and wired keyboard are affected by this bug.
This bug has already happened a lot of times since BTT 3, never under version 2.

macOS 10.13.6
BTT 3.332

Haven't had similar reports for current versions yet. Maybe secure input is enabled on your machine? - this would break all FN based shortcuts. (BTT will show a warning about that when clicking the menubar icon).

I haven't done a lot of testing on 10.13 during the last two years, if necessary you can switch to the old keyboard implementation in the settings:

Thank you.
A little grey button was displayed at the top right of the window with this message "BTT is not allowed, click here to wake it up" (or something like that). I don't understand where it came from (Is this new? In any case, I hadn't seen him until now). I clicked and now BTT works fine (without checking the box you proposed).

The messages are new to help people (previously these problems would be hard to find). Glad they did help you!