BTT needs to be manually restarted in Catalina after sleep


after updating my computer (Macbook Pro, 15", 2018) to Catalina I have problem with BTT, where I need to manually restart it after the computer goes to sleep (lid closed). The application still stays available and functioning on the Menu Bar, but the touch bar reverts back to "standard" functionality. When I go to BTT menu and select restart, it is working well until the computer goes to sleep again.

Would anyone know how to resolve this issue?


I was tired of waiting for a fix, so I now use this Keyboard Maestro hack. Don't ask me why I have to "quit" the app twice, but it works:

Also maybe try BTT 2.314 alpha, it contains a few fixes and more debug logs for after sleep issues.

Hello Andreas, thank you very much for your answer. I can confirm that updating to the latest Alpha fixes the problem, I was running it for several days now and I did not need to restart it after sleep anymore...