BTT Keeps needing to be restarted

Hi guys,

For the last few days BTT keeps crashing evey now and then, and when open it the app opens but it doesn't load my touch bar. I then have to tight click and select "Restart App".

Believe I am on latest version ...

Appreciate any help.

I've been having the same problem for a few weeks. Fully patched Big Sur (11.4 currently). Fully patched BTT (3.562 currently). I have to restart BTT at least once every day or two. Other times it's disabled and I need to reenable it. I don't see any crash logs about it, but it just seems to secretly stop working. I use my machine mostly in clamshell mode, so I don't always notice when or why it's not working, but its seems like most of the time when I'm not in clamshell BTT isn't running. Not even sure how to troubleshoot this.

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