BTT is creating clones of my safari windows.

I have a keyboard shortcut that is supposed to

1: activate and bring to front the window under the cursor
2: move to a specific spot in the window
3: click the mouse
4: move to a new spot in the window
5: Click the mouse

That's it!

Those actions execute as expected with a bonus....
a clone of my safari window appears in the background.

I don't see anything that I've done that could be causing that.
Can anybody help?

what does the clone look like? 1:1 like your previous window?

Just like the page I'm on. Another safari window opens and goes right to the same url.

the standard left click action will include the currently pressed modifier keys. Where does the left-click go? Maybe opt+cmd+click causes Safari to open a new window?

If you need a left click without modifier keys, select the „custom click“ action

Yes that was it. The modifiers I used along with z were opening a new window. Custom Click fixed it.

Thank you!