BTT icon no longer shows in control strip (Monterey 12.2)


First off, thank you for making such an incredible tool. I have the M1 Macbook and it's been a gamechanger for my touchbar. I've got it setup with a button to toggle my custom BTT touch bar off, and I normally have the BTT icon set to show in the controls trip so that I can turn it back on again (essentially a toggle). But I just updated to the latest version of MacOS (12.2), and that checkbox in BTT Touchbar Settings to "show BetterTouchTool icon in control strip" no longer functions. Doesn't add the icon when it's checked.

Let me know if there's anything I can provide to help narrow down the issue, happy to do so!

Thanks again,

Addition: I just noticed now that another icon is in its place... but it wasn't there mere moments before. It's a bar chart in a white circle.

Annnd, the update for BTT that must have just released this afternoon appears to have fixed it. Thanks, and carry on! :partying_face: