BTT has several times crashed within the last hour

BTT 3.548

Within the last hour I had several crashes and I have no Idea !

As far as i know there was no Update of any software today.

BetterTouchTool_2021-01-22-204404_MacBook-Pro-von-Admin.crash (158.5 KB)

Macbook Pro Late 2016
Touchbar but Macbook closed
use with External Mac Bluetooth Keyboard

The crash happened always after using one of the functionkeys that
I have redefined. I have the impression, that function key 5 slows down
the system and it is the one that doesnt work as expected. The other
function keys produce at least the expected result.

I think one of your keyboard shortcuts is triggering itself recursively until BTT runs out of resources and crashes.

If you already know which key it is try to check the "prevent recursive triggers" box:

thanks for suggestion. I was having the same thing happen.

Thank you, it seems that this was the problem.

I turned this switch on for every keyboard shortcut, assuming that preventing something that can cause problems is not a bad idea.