BTT generating 0kb text files on my Desktop / Home

I am on the newest alpha, so maybe this is an issue with that. But after doing some work in BTT or writing some scripts, occasionally 0kb txt files appear on my desktop or home directory named things like q_, g, 10.23.5 etc. I can just delete them, so it's not a huge issue, but should be looked into for the future.

Affected input device (e.g. MacBook Trackpad, Magic Mouse/Trackpad, Touch Bar, etc.):
MacBook Pro

Device information:

  • Type of Mac: MacBook Pro 2020 13"
  • macOS version: 10.15.5
  • BetterTouchTool version: 3.386

Additional information (e.g. StackTraces, related issues, screenshots, workarounds, etc.):

Do you maybe have any scripts running in BTT that could do that? I don't think BTT has any functionality that would create files on your desktop by default.

No. I have two scripts and both are making system stat calls and piping into grep or awk, but no writing.