BTT endless crash loop on program launch—started today, perhaps after automatic update?

MacBook Pro, 13-inch 2019
OS Catalina (10.15.3)
BTT version 3.572(1716)


BetterTouchTool is suddenly unusable.

Upon launch, it enters and endless crash/restart loop that is only resolved by restarting the computer—only to occur again when program is launched again after restart. I have removed and re-added to Accessibility in System Preferences, to no avail.

My BTT is set to update automatically and the app appears to have last been modified this morning at 8:50am. I have been using BTT for nearly a year, so the fact that the program lists itself as having been Added today must mean a new version was installed. It is my guess is that the automated update is the source of this new problem.

In Activity Monitor, there is one process that I simply cannot kill (either via Activity Monitor itself or through Terminal):

It seems that it is a root process over which I have no authority.

Here are all of the other processes that appear, when BTT tries to restart—should there really be so many ScriptRunners ?

Here is one of numerous crash reports, please let me know if any additional information is needed:

BetterTouchTool_2021-07-30-214540_JZ-MBP-2.crash (153.7 KB)

Thanks for any help !

thanks for reporting, this seems to be a bug in the latest alpha version in certain setups.

You should be able to kill the BTTRelaunch process without issues, also via Activity Monitor. Doesn't this work?

Can you replace your BetterTouchTool app with this one?

Thank you, Andreas. BTT is working again.

As for your question, I never encountered anything specifically entitled BTTRelaunch, but when BTT crashed the only remaining/running process was—which I could not kill in Terminal (where I would get an Operation not permitted message) or in Activity monitor (where nothing happened after issuing a Force Quit—see screenshots). Similarly, issuing killall BetterTouchTool && killall BTTRelaunch via Terminal resulted in No matching processes belonging to you were found.

BTT has become so integrated into my workflow that I was feeling helpless without it! Thanks for the quick reply and easy fix.