BTT Doesn't Always Activate When Linked Application Gets Focus

I have BTT set to show f keys in the touchbar when terminal launches. That doesn't always happen. BTT is active, but the keys don't show

MBP 2017
MacOS 10.13.4
BTT 2.513 (850)

Did you use the app-specific settings to set that or just added the buttons to terminal?
See this screenshot:

App specific settings to add keys

Like in the screenshot?

Wow, I thought I attached a screenshot. Let's try doing that again.

Sorry, I meant the app-specific settings like in this screenshot:

By setting one of these options you can force the Touch Bar to show up, even if it was hidden for some other reason.

yes, i already did that

I think I may have found it. Caps Lock seems to blow up BTT. If I'm in terminal and I hit capslock it replaces the BTT touchbar with the default one.

Do you have remapped capslock to something else? In general that shouldn't influence BTT :-/

It doesn't look like it. In BTT it looks clean, and I don't see anything in the system KB prefs.

Any more capslock fiddling? This is frustrating. I can't make it happen every single time, but it happens frequently.