BTT disabled unexpectedly and frequently


I have used BTT for 2.5 years now. For many months, BTT will become disabled, usually at least once daily. It seems to correlate, but is not limited to, connecting and disconnecting from an external monitor.

Is there a way to avoid this?


what part if BTT? Does it really show as disabled if you click the BTT menubar icon?

Yes, the app is disabled. It's grey in the Mac Menu Bar. To re-enable, I must click on the greyed out BTT icon, and select Enable BTT For... -> Enable BetterTouchTool For All Apps. The attached screenshot my help too.

Does that help clarify?

could yo go to „help -> export diagnostic debug information“ in the main menu and send the result to This should allow me to see what causes the disable.

Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg, I hope you received the info I sent on Friday. Please let me know if you need anything else!

Unfortunately I couldn't find anything obvious in there. However I would try to disable the experimental Dropbox sync. Possibly the disabled state is somehow synced back:

Turning off Settings Sync seems to have worked -- 2 days without BTT unexpected being disabled. Thanks, @Andreas_Hegenberg!