BTT crashed after repeat/loop for about 600 times

BTT version:42712
MacOS:Sonama 14.0

Btt crashed after repeat/loop for about 600 times(2 seconds per loop).
I've tried several times, btt crashed every time when repeats about 600 times more or less.
The detailed log is in the attach.

BetterTouchTool loop (14.4 KB)

Thanks for reporting, I think I can reproduce it. Will upload a fix later today.

@Andreas_Hegenberg BTW: The "if condition" or "break repeat" sometimes do not work, i can't break repeat by if condition ( six fingers touch ), i had to restart btt to break repeat.

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I'm looking into this, thanks for reporting! The fix version will not come today, but probably tomorrow.

@Andreas_Hegenberg I've updated to 43010. But repeat/loop won't work properly even worse.
It will stop repeat for only 2 times whatever i set repeat times to any value.

I think there can be an issue when using a blocking delay. This will be fixed soon. For now I'd recommend to use the async delay action instead.

@Andreas_Hegenberg What's more, when i downgrade to 42712, i found the modification i did in 43010 did not show in 42712, it remained the old settings.
It seems 42712 keeps a separated setting, and 43010 uses another one.

That's normal. New versions upgrade the database file, making it incompatible with old versions. Thus old versions keep using the previous database file.

4.304 alpha should now also work with blocking delays.

Thx, will test it tomorrow.
For now i use ' wait until condition become true' and set a wait time out (cause async delay action won't work neither), and it works well.