BTT control access to sp_relauncher

I just got a BTT message asking me for access to sp_relauncher, I searched for information and it seems to be related to Spotify. I gave it access and nothing happened but I'd like to know exactly what it is. Does anyone know anything about this sp_relauncher?
This is the script I've added before the message appeared (taken from this forum).

if application "Spotify" is running then

tell application "Spotify"

if player state is playing then

set artistTitle to ((get artist of current track) & " - " & (get name of current track))

if length of artistTitle is less than 30 then

set displayTitle to artistTitle


set displayTitle to (get name of current track)

if length of displayTitle is greater than 30 then

set displayTitle to text 1 thru 30 of (get name of current track) & "..."

end if

end if

set artworkURL to artwork url of current track

do shell script "curl " & artworkURL & " -o ~/Library/Application\\ Support/BetterTouchTool/spotify_cover.png"

set fileName to ((((path to application support folder from user domain) as text) & "BetterTouchTool:" as text) & "spotify_cover.png")

return "{\"text\":\"" & displayTitle & "\", \"icon_path\":\"" & (POSIX path of fileName as text) & "\" }"

return displayTitle


return "Paused"

end if

end tell


return ""

end if