BTT close / crash - Mojave / Catalina

My app close or crash... all time. In Mojave now in Catalina.
Why? (Version 3.202)

Make sure to download it from the official website:

Same for me. Re-downloaded but nothing happened

If it closes right after starting this should fix your issue:

I already tried that method and now the touch bar does not completely work (but mouse gestures yes).
Also when I open application this menu won't change.

What doesn't work on your Touch Bar?

For the menu issue, try to restart macOS, sometimes 10.15 has issues if menubar apps like BTT want to show a menubar ;-(

The custom touchbar was not showing but I deleted everything from ~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool (don't know if it was useful), reset the Accessibility permission database and reinstalled and now it seems to be fine. Thank you

No problem for menubar, I can access it by clicking on other app then back to btt.