BTT clipboard manager causing bookmark creation in Microsoft Word (even when disabled)

Having a BTT clipboard manager configured will cause Microsoft Word 2019 to create a new bookmark when text is copied from a document using cmd + C. See also here: and

The error also occurs when the keyboard shortcut is disabled (cmd+D) and grayed out.

Not sure if BTT can do anything to avoid the issue, as it is more of a Microsoft Word bug it seems.

macOS 10.14.5
Microsoft Office 2019 16.26 (19060901)
BTT 3.071

arg the microsoft clipboard handling is soo weird!
I have added a microsoft compatibility mode in the latest alphas, however I'm not sure whether it will also fix this issue. Could you check? (Get via "check for alpha version updates")

You can also disable the clipboard manager just for word if necessary.


  1. Disabling for Active App works in current stable version – although obviously not an ideal solution.
  2. v3.079 has the same issue.

It seems like this MS Office bug has been existing like forever...

sucks! thanks for testing!
I'll try to get hold of a microsoft engineer and check whats causing this. BTT isn't doing anything fancy here :frowning: and it seems it affects all clipboard managers...

and it seems it affects all clipboard managers...

Even on Windows... :roll_eyes: