BTT Button Background Colors Broken In Mojave 10.14 DP5

The animation will definitely be optional.
Unfortunately custom animations probably won't be possible because I need to add it to the internal BTT logic that builds the custom Touch Bar. I will be able to give a few options though.

I'm not sure yet whether it will be feasible to do it on a per group basis or whether it will need to be set globally.

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Found a minor bug with the padding on now playing widgets. Setting additional negative padding to counteract this has bad effects when the widget is displaying non-iTunes stuff (like the word "Paused"). Screenshot:

I have uploaded v2.543 to the alpha update channel (currently only for Mojave).

  • You can now choose to use the corner radius only on the left or right side of a button
  • Played a bit with the animation. Can now be disabled in the general settings.
  • Margins may have changed again, but I hope they will be stable from now on unless bugs are discovered.
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