BTT at the top of apps with bytes read from the disk ?

Has anyone noticed that BTT is at the top of apps with bytes read from the disk ?

What does it do to generate such huge statistics ?

looks like something is wrong with the process prio watcher, maybe it can't change the priority and keeps trying or something like this (everytime it tries changing the prio, it will read the BTT app to verify its code signature. It retries every 100 seconds). I'll have a look.

How long has your machine been running without a restart?

In general I'd recommend to uninstall the prio helper tool as it should not be needed on current macOS versions anymore.

In case you want to keep the process prio watcher, but disable the signature check, you can run this terminal command:

sudo touch "/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool/.disableSignatureChecks"

Could you check what's the priority status here?

My uptime is exactly one week today.

I had the same prio status as you:

I uninstalled the prio helper, however with some struggles as it made my whole system unresponsive for some time :wink: Only after I manually killed the prio helper with -9 it started to work correctly and reflected correct status. Interesting fact I noticed is when you quit or restart BTT it does not really affect prio helper ... at least on my system ... so I can quit BTT, but prio process was still running ... maybe it hanged in strange way ?

Anyway, maybe I have too much junk as I played with BTT a lot and this install is like 2 years old (with consecutive upgrades), so I uninstalled it, wiped all data, installed again and imported only my presets (without settings).