BTT and VoiceOver accessibility

Hello everyone,
I have recently discovered Better Touch Tool on MacOS and I have started to use it. however since I am fully blind I rely on the VoiceOver feature built into my Mac that allows me to read the screen efficiently. While the majority of the application is accessible with VoiceOver, there are some improvements which could be made in order to improve the user experience, namely, there are many unlabelled controls in the main screen of the app, which you need to press one by one to figure what they mean. Then, when there is an any hotkey field in the application, its usage is hard with VoiceOver, as I need to rely on then mouse simulation features to click in it and set the required data.
For a power user like me, bTT is something totally wonderful, however with current difficulties it is a little bit hard to use.
If you need any more insight on the VO accessibility, feel free to ask.