BTT and Logitech Options

Is there a way to turn off BTTs speed control of my Logitech mouse? I would rather adjust my mouse speed using the Logitech Options app and I’m pretty sure BTT is overriding the LO settings.

That's interesting. Are you sure BTT is overriding this? (Does the Logitech options setting work if BTT is quit?)

If I'm not mistaken BTT only changes the mouse speed once the user moves the slider in the settings, this changes the same system value as the slider in System Preferences => Mouse and is only done once, thus Logitech Options should be able to just change it back.

I did mistakingly move the slider in BTT which I definitely noticed that it took over control of the mouse speed. So are you saying that if I move the slider in my Logitech options app that LO will “retake” control of the mouse speed?

I think it should (otherwise moving the slider in System Preferences would cause the same issue and I'm sure Logitech did think about this)

Excellent, thanks for the help. Glad I don’t need to uninstall and reinstall.