BTT and Adobe apps..

Is there any way to make the main menu appear as a drop down menu on Adobe app? I recently saw someone show how double clicking in the title bar would show the apps main menu bar appear right there but, as usual (thanks Adobe) it doesn’t seem to work for ANY Adobe apps at all. Is there any way to do this?

Have you tried the predefined action "Show Menu Bar In Context Menu"?

Yes, that does work but the only way to trigger it is to move the curser to the dye of the display or one of the edges. Not sure how I can trigger it any other way as it doesn’t respond if you double click the title bay etc etc..

You can use any trigger offered in BTT to trigger it (keyboard shortcuts, gestures, etc.).
There is also a "double click window titlebar" trigger that might work:

Thanks Andreas, I tried the double click triggers but they don’t work on any Adobe apps at all and neither do the double click with modifier keys etc. Is there some way to trigger the contextual menu with a right click on the title bar or just a function key etc?

Which adobe apps are you testing with? I just tried the current Photoshop, on my machine the double click titlebar trigger is working fine.

That's weird.
Adobe CC latest versions. Illustrator is v28.2 and PS 25.4

Mhm same version here.

One thing that might be important: Make sure BTT has the screen recording permission in System Settings => Privacy & Security => Screen & System Audio Recording

Thx! That did work but is there just some way of activating this from a key combination or something - double clicking on the titlebar maximises the app too! I can disable this but I do use this to maximise too!

Sure, you can set a keyboard shortcut in BTT's keyboard shortcut section:

Awesome, I'll give it a go now!