BTT 4.280 crashes

BTT 4.280 crashes when I click the + for a new key sequence. This does not happen with the other triggers. (Ventura 13.2.1)


Fixed in 4.281 (uploading now)! However the two new sliders "Trigger only if no further keyboard input is recognized for X s" and "Sum of key pressed times greater than" are not yet functional - currently working on that.

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Very good thanks! This addition opens up a whole new range of possibilities. I'm really looking forward to that. :smiley:

These should now be functional in 4.282!

So having multiple sequences like

1.) h
2.) ha
3.) hal
4.) hall
5.) hallo

Which all do different things is now possible by specifying the "Only recognize if no further keyboard input is recognized for" option:

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This is GREAT. Thanks Andreas! The only downside is that I now have to adjust a third of my key sequences. :smirk: I do not yet understand all the possible combinations of the four options. But I will figure that out. :smiley:

Mm, I don't understand this. How can the max. pause between keystrokes be 0.2 if the minimum length of the sequence must be 0.3? :thinking:

Or in other words, how can I combine these settings?

Edit: Ah, sorry, it's the other way around, of course. I got it.

So a modifier alone can trigger something if it is pressed once, pressed twice... or long pressed. And the normal shortcuts (modifier + letter) are not disturbed, because then the sequence is interrupted. Very nice :smiley:

yes, honestly I haven’t thought too much about the ways this can be used :joy:
I’ll also try to figure out the possible combinations and add some examples to the docs.

But I believe it got way more flexible with these two options.

You should not need to edit your existing sequences though - if they stopped working that’s a bug I need to fiy

Once again BTT is the absolute avangarde. I don't know of any other app that can do this. And there are people who think BTT is a dying app :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

No bug :smirk: I have set up some sequence "uncoventionelly", only key up, because there was no long press until now.

In case anyone is interested, below are settings that work well for me. For example: r⌘ triggers three actions.

r⌘ tapped once

r⌘ tapped twice

r⌘ long pressed (triggered when the key is released)

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