BST: skipping settings for Snap Areas

BetterSnapTool: v1.9.3
macOS: 10.13.6

I have few custom snap areas. I checked "Make snap area invisible" for each other. However, once I modify settings for one of snap area, the option is reset for all of them.

Workaround: create and configure all snap areas first, then go through all snaps settings and check "Make snap area invisible". Once you add new snap or reconfigure them, all snaps are visible again.

Thanks for reporting. I think it's not actually resetting the setting, but it seems to not display the correct state in the UI. I'll have a look!

No. It does reset. The areas are visible again.

Weird, it doesn't do that here - but I have only checked on my macOS 10.15 machine so far.

Well, even for posting this bug here, I checked the label name (Make snap area invisible) in the settings. Now, I have to recheck the checkmarks...