BST - how to move multiple windows to another monitor

I use BetterSnapTool's keyboard config to move a window from one monitor to another using my keyboard. All good there! I use the app called IntelliJ and I often have it opening multiple windows to work on multiple projects concurrently. IntelliJ knows about these various windows and lists them under the Window menu item. Is there some easy way to have BST be able to move ALL IntelliJ windows to another monitor instead of me having to move each one individually? If BST could do this it would be a great productivity improvement for me.

I configure Control+Option+Command+rightarrow key combo to move a window to the next monitor. Perhaps you could make it so that if I press the last key twice it could indicate to BST to move ALL windows belonging to that app to the next window? Pressing the last key once would only move the current window.