BetterTouchTool's 3 finger pinch is very inconsistent

I have 3 finger spreading set to make a window full screened but when I actually use it, a lot of times I would do the motion and it would take a lot of tries for it to work, or not at all. I've even open the "live view" window and tested it in that but it didn't work there either. I've tried turning down the sensitivity to 0 and it made all of my other 3 finger gestures faster but not pinching or spreading. What should I do to make it work more?

Mh that seems to still work well here. What kind of trackpad are you using?

I'm using a Magic Trackpad 2. I'm at version 3.812 I think. Most of my other gestures works fine but 3 finger spread is very hard to trigger for me.

I think I figured out my issue. I never realized how close my fingers have to be at the beginning of the spread motion or at the end of my pinch motion for bit to recognize it. I have the gesture mostly working for me now, although I think it'll be better if better touch tool can recognize these gestures way earlier.