BetterTouchTool version incompatible

Hey, so I've used this tool for years now and just come up to another renewal window, however, after paying my licence fee I cannot launch it anymore. I get the following error. Does anyone know how to fix this? I have a lot of my work-related shortcuts on this tool so need to get into it ASAP really.


it sounds like you might have launched an older version of BTT for some reason. Possible try to download a fresh copy of BTT from, I think it should work then.

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Phew. That worked. Thank you for the quick reply!

By the way, it’s always a good idea to create a backup using the preset -> export functionality.

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Ah, annoyingly this isn't working on the other profile on my Mac. I've tried downloading a new version, and old version, rebooting my Mac but the second profile just won't open. I get the same message.

Any ideas?

And now it has gone back to not working on either profile. Even tried uninstalling and reinstalling but get the same error message.

How are you starting BTT? It sounds like you have multiple versions of BTT installed on your machine.

I have two profiles (work and personal) and installed it on each. It has asked if I want to move it to the Applications folder on Home. I don't know why because this was all working fine until I had to get another licence and download the latest updates.

Possibly before that you also had it installed in two different locations but both locations had the same version - then there won't be a problem.

Could you try starting it by double-clicking the file you moved to the Applications folder? Do you usually use spotlight to start the app or do you maybe have an older version set to auto start? (It could also be a version that's still located in your downloads folder)

I think it's because each 'user' had an instal of it. I removed the BetterTouchTool folder from Application Support in the Library and it works now but I lost my preset changes. I have an older version that I'll try rebuild from.

I've also moved the Application to /Applications folder rather than each user having an instal. Hopefully this will stop future issues.

In case you have a backup of that BetterTouchTool folder, you can send it to, then I'll create a importable JSON preset from it which you could import to restore your preset changes.

That's very kind of you, but I've just done most of it now :slight_smile:

A question, if I may, is it possible to have either Google Analytics or WordPress stats on the Touch Bar? I assume not, since you need to be signed into an account to fetch them, but thought it was worth asking as I've seen similar for YouTube but assume this is because you don't need to be signed in to see how many views a video has.

I just had the same problem, deleted the old version from the Application-folder and installed a new one from the downloads-website. Activating with my new lifetime license brings up the same notification as shown above by @Adam. Any recommendations on how to proceed @Andreas_Hegenberg?