BetterTouchTool V2.843 auto-update always fail

BetterTouchTool V2.843 keeps asking auto-update every few days. And I always click YES and then RELAUNCH whenever I saw it.

After I clicked update 4 times in a week, I've finally noticed that the version number of /Application/BetterTouchTook.pkg from Finder Info (can't find the version number anywhere in the new preference window) is stuck to V2.843. So every time the auto-update is actually failed, without any notifications.

Either the downloaded file is old version, or the version number within the package is bugged.

Currently manually download V2.851 and replaced the .pkg files in /Application. Not sure whether it will happen again now or next time you have new updates.

MacBook Pro Retina 13" 2013,
macOS Mojave 10.14.4

Same thing here. I'm stuck at version 2.839 despite doing several updates over the past week or so.

In addition, the release notes have only been updated to version 2.814 (see, so I can't tell what's in the new versions before updating.

Actually, immediately after posting, I did a successful update to version 2.856. So either I was confused about something, or it's fixed.

Would still like to know more in the release notes, though - e.g. the dates of releases is handy to know.

There are currently multiple releases per day as I'm finishing the new UI. As soon as that's done, there will be a release that is pushed to all users (maybe tomorrow :-)).
Currently you only get these releases by manually checking for updates or by activating alpha updates.