BetterTouchTool’s Keyboard Shortcuts Conflict with System Keyboard Shortcuts

Currently, the keyboard shortcuts that switch to these section are conflict with the system default system shortcuts:

  • Custom Floating Menus & Desktop Widgets ⇧⌘3
  • Generic Devices (work in progress) ⇧⌘4

Specifically, they conflict the default screenshots keyboard shortcuts. I recommend changing them to something else, like ⌥⌘3 and ⌥⌘4.

In addition, since these items are not presented in the menu bar, people can’t customize them if they want. So, if possible, you should put them there as well.

Thank you for your fantastic software,

If you want you can change them by configuring shortcuts inside of BTT for BTT itself and assigning the predefined action "Go to specific trigger category"

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