BetterTouchTool lagging on 3D softwares.

I'm on trial version and was about to buy the license for the unique purpose of bringing back the third mouse button to the Magic Mouse.
The problem is that when orbiting on softwares like Blender 3D or Autodesk Fusion 360 using the virtual middle click, I can't actually see the orbit around the object but just a freezed image of when I clicked and the final position when I release the middle button. I've had the same issue in the past and I've just switched to MagicPrefs, but MagicPrefs doesn't seem to work on Mojave anymore. Please request a video if I'm not as clear as I wanted.

Affected input device: Magic Mouse

Device information:
Macbook Pro Touchbar 15' (2016)
MacOS Mojave
Latest BetterTouchTool to date

No one cares about it?

Try to disable window snapping, either globally or for these specific apps.

Some of them don't implement some of the macOS standard APIs which are used for window snapping.