BetterTouchTool is decaying and unsupported

Every week something that used to work in BetterTouchTool, suddenly stops working or working reliably. Tech support and forum administrators routinely tell direct lies and engage in obvious distraction and misdirection techniques in order to skirt the responsibility to honestly answer user questions and address the obvious decay of the product. When I browse around in this forum I see most user posts are unresolved. What is actually happening at BTT? What is the actual status of the product and the entity that supports it? Answers to these questions are important to we paying users of the BTT app and to people trying to decide if they should buy and use the product.

development, tech support and forum admin is all me. I can guarantee I never lie about anything on here and work every free minute on BTT.
BTT is doing great and has been doing great since 2009. However I have had to deal with bullshit like this post since 2009 as well.

So: fuck off.


BTT offers a huge feature set at a very, very reasonable price. While comparable software gets an update every three years, BTT constantly adds new features. It is probably inevitable that so much dynamism has an impact on stability. Would anyone prefer just one update every three years?

There are also other apps that are developed by only one person. The key difference is that in this forum almost everyone just wants help, but almost no one is willing to provide help as well.

Apart from bugs that only the developer can fix, a lot of questions are asked here that experienced users could also answer. It is a question of attitude. If you expect help, you should be prepared to provide help from time to time.

In other forums, the developer only intervenes when users can't help each other. So he has more time to devote to the "real" problems, because others support him to solve the "simple" problems.

Many of us can no longer imagine life without BTT. (I can't believe I'm writing this :joy:). So, help each other! That would be in everyone's best interest.

The alternative would be for the developer to hire people to do it. But I'm sure that then lawsuits would come, too, because BTT would cost three times as much. :slightly_smiling_face:


In addition to that, the default update channel receives updates only every 1-3 months or so. These are then already tested by thousands of users (there are usually at least 5000 users who try the alphas) and less likely to break things. (However even then, BTT allows for millions of combinations, and it’s impossible to fully test all of them before release)

If one decides to actively install new versions (either by going to the alpha channel or by checking for updates manually), it’s more likely they might break stuff (which I always try to fix as fast as possible)

However telling me I‘m lying about stuff is a complete no-go. I might not always be fast to reply to every request here anymore - this indeed got much harder with two little kids), but I still invest an immense amount of time in support.

The German phrase „wie man in den Wald hineinruft, so schallt es heraus“ has and will always be my policy for handling support requests :wink:


What the hell are you talking about! I can't imagine my mac without BTT. It gives my mac superpowers. The amount of features it provides has enabled me to stop using multiple apps.

Re: it's "decaying", lol are you kidding? So many new features are released so often. Infact BTT helps us save money by providing new and innovative feature set without additional subscription.

BTT and it's dev team are superb. Posts like this just plain dumb.

OP doesn't deserve being on macOS :smile:


I've been using BTT for a very, very long time. Most of that time, I set up a bazzilion gestures on the touch pad and just forgot about it. Recently though, I took another look and Andreas has been very very busy adding functionality while my back was turned.


This is incredible value for what it costs us. Andreas is clearly working his ass off. Are things perfect? I'm not sure, I've never seen anything that was perfect.

Don't be cranky.

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You told me and others that the problems that we are reporting are problems with our settings and not with BTT. When we show you that our settings are exactly as you have indicated, you go silent. No resolution. I have personally experienced this both with the weather widget and the app switcher widget. I have watched as you have repeatedly pushed the blame onto your customers. This app is not stable by any means. It gets less so every day. I have personally tested BTT on several macs running several operating systems. Same and worsening problems across all such platforms. Will you mind please telling us the truth about the status of the development and support of BTT. Is BTT a dead and dying product? What stands as barriers to solving these ever worsening problems? I am certain the problem isn't those of us customers simply reporting the problems with the BTT and the problems with resolution of said problems. Some actual answers to these questions would be appreciated. Thank you.

Oh wow. The audacity. Blocked.

(For that particular issue I even asked about the weather condition that should be shown according to Apple weather so I could fix it Weather group doesn't work - #6 by Andreas_Hegenberg ) to which I did not receive a reply, and instead this guy creates this topic telling me I'm lying and my product is decaying)

Seriously, what is wrong with some people.


@Randall_Lee_Reetz You are getting into an absurd panic. What makes you think that BTT is dying? Dying apps can be recognized by the fact that the developer is not available and the product has not been updated or bufixed for a very long time.

BTT shows the exact opposite. Go to the alpha page. And the developer communicates with you, even if a bit annoyed, for understandable reasons.

BTT is complex and is growing in complexity as new features are added all the time. (I don't understand much about it, but that's how I imagine it :slightly_smiling_face:) Bugs are normal, new ones are added all the time, others are fixed. And it is also normal that not all of them can be fixed in such a short time as you would wish. That can be frustrating, I know. But you know what this shows? It shows how attached you are to BTT. If there were 25 other apps that could do the same, you would have switched long ago. But those 25 apps don't exist. There is BTT.

You focus on a few annoying bugs, get angry, and completely forget how many things BTT does masterfully for you. You should enjoy that. And just because you bought the app, you have no claim that everything works.

So, my advice is, relax. :smiling_face: And choose your words wisely. Where I live, you could be hauled before a judge for that. And I live in a very liberal society. :wink: