BetterTouchTool icon disappears from control strip

I just started using this wonderful product---well done!

  1. In the system preferences, I set as default "show app control" and enabled "show control strip"
  2. In BTT, I disabled the "Show macOS Control strip", and switched on "Show BTT Icon in Control Strip" and "Show BTT icon on the left side".

While the left BTT icon is visible when BTT is displayed, the BTT icon in the Control Strip often disappears; my idea was to be able to toggle BTT on/off using the left side icon in BTT and the BTT icon in the Control Strip.
Maybe I am missing something, but I can't figure it out on my own...

I am using a MacBook Pro 16, BTT version 3.344, macOS 10.15.3

Thanks for any help!

There are some system apps that will always override the BTT icon, unfortunately this can't be prevented. However it shouldn't hide for other apps. Does it come back if you switch between apps?

As an alternative: maybe define a keyboard shortcut and assign the "Toggle BetterTouchTool Touch Bar".

Thanks for your reply!
It only came back when I rebooted the system... even toggling it on/off from the settings did not work.

Once the system rebooted, the BTT icon was present in the compact control strip no matter what app was currently active; after waking up the system, the BTT icon in the control strip was replaced by a graph-like icon that I can not identify (and does not reenable BTT).