BetterSnapTool needed to set custom snap areas for BTT?


I am trying to set some custom window-snapping areas in BetterTouchTool. The advance settings imply that this must be done using BetterSnapTool, which I don't own. I would prefer to avoid buying BetterSnapTool, since I recently bought a license for BetterTouchTool. All of the relevant forum posts suggest that BST is redundant if you are using BTT. Is there something I'm missing? Can I set custom snapping areas without downloading BST?

Thanks for the help!

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I came here looking for the same answer. It looks like nobody has answered you since February though.
Did you find a solution?
From what I can tell, if you have BTT you have BST also. You only need to get BST if you don't want or have BTT.
However, I don't have this option: BetterSnapTool menubar "Snap Areas" or "Create New Snap Area (Use Active Window As Template)" so I can't make a custom snap area.

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I also landed here. Have the same question, no "Snap Areas" item in BTT menubar icon, anyone from the staff could define if it's a bug or we just can't set custom snapping areas without downloading BST?

Well, I think it's a bug, maybe uninstalling and installing the latest version can solve the problem. I installed in another computer and Im seeing the menu items:
I cant try right now in my personal mac, but here at least it's appearing

Anyone? I cant see that option in my computer!!!

Most likely you accidentally disabled this feature:

(First checkbox on the bottom)