BetterSnapTool did not start on Catalina


BetterSnapTool was working fine on Siera before but now it did not start on Catalina even after restarts and reinstallations from App Store and restarts again...

  • Type of Mac: MB Air (early 2014)
  • macOS version: 10.15
  • BetterTouchTool version: 1.9.2 (?) (Info from App Store)

BetterSnapTool_2019-10-18-093714_MacBook-Air.crash (54.9 KB)


Have a look here, sometimes the Accessibility permissions get messed up when upgrading macOS:

Aarrgh...BST has entries in two sections of the (german?) preferences - it is not only found in "Bildschirmaufnahme", it is also entered into "Bedienungshilfen". Hard to find if these sections are not your daily business...

I was killing both entries, then starting BST as normal and following the instruction windows to activate the new entered entries. Now BST is running fine.

Thanks for that kick. Great work at all...


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