BetterSnapTool: default area support for areas available through menu/shortcuts

BST supports default areas such as top left, top, top right and so on.
However, there are plenty of nice shortcuts available in BST that are not supported by default.
I can set them as custom, however custom ones are attached to specific monitors.
It would be nice to have a possibility to set them for default snapping too.

Here is my scenario:
I use Dock on left-side (I believe it's more efficient than bottom positioned due to wide-screen resolutions these days). As the bottom edge is free now, I would like to use it for snap areas for left/middle/right thirds. This is supported by BST but not for defaults. I can set custom areas but the problem is that I do workshops and use different projectors.

So, it would be really nice to have a possibility:

  • to set any predefined actions (shortcuts/menu) for default areas
  • to use bottom edge as default areas