BetterSnapTool confusion

So, I do have both BTT and BST softwares, and from what I understand it we use both tools it's better to only use BTT as it has all BST features included.


  • how cab I have the same options in the BTT menubar ? (snap-areas for current app, for example ?_
  • how can I display the BST specific menus ?

Thank you

Anyone :slight_smile: ?

Some of the "convenience" menus in BetterSnapTool are indeed not available in BetterTouchTool right now.
You'd need to replicate them using the "Show Custom Context Menu (New)" action. I think there was a preset here on the forum that did this, but I can't seem to find it right now.

However if you like them the way they are it won't really hurt to run BetterSnapTool in parallel. Just disable the window snapping functions in BTT.

Thank you! I don't know why, I thought I read somewhere that it was not good to run them in parallel as some triggers could be managed in priority by the wrong app. Anyhow, I deactivated the snappinfg function in BTT and will use both in conjuction. Thank you!

PS: Is there a way that, when an app is open, it automatically "snap" to a predefined position, relative to the external screen, if plugged ?