BetterSnapTool / BetterTouchTool and Chrome 69

I updated to BetterTouchTool Beta using the link you provided and it resolved the Chrome window snapping issue. Thank you!

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This worked for me as well after not getting it to work with Chrome 69.

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BetterSnapTool 1.9 beta fixes the Chrome 69 snapping issue on my system.

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confirming also that this fixed the issue. How can we use this after 9/30?

it will be in the Mac App Store in 0-3 days. You'll have to delete the beta, then download the update from the Mac App Store (free if you have purchased BST before)

The fix works for me as well, thanks! :slight_smile:

im finding even with the beta using bettersnaptool on youtube on safari always lags snapping at top for full screen? is the final 1.9 gonna be same as beta

Even on the latest High Spec i9 2018 MacBook Pro it still lags snapping in safari im finding it worse with the beta 1.9 than 1.8? are you gonna fix it at all

it seems to be worse using high end always on and 560x graphics when I put auto power save so uses intel its smoother?

maybe try to restart your Mac, Safari is snapping very smooth here. But in general the actual resizing is done by the snapped app, Bettersnaptool just tells the app how it should resize. This means it always depends on how fast the app responds to the Bettersnaptool commands.

Safari plugins can influence this.

its weird it only happens sometimes, is the better 1.9 the same build that will hit the App Store, whens it gonna be live :slight_smile:

yes that's the next version (There may of course be other builds for future updates :-))

Seems to have fixed the issue here. OSX10.13.4
Chrome 69.0.3497.100

Seems to be broken for me @ 10.13.6 + Chrome 70.0.3538.77 (64bit) but only when my chrome has an active tab with youtube playing in it. That one wont work, select any other tab and it will.

Problem still exists for me.
OSX 10.14, Chrome 70, BST 1.9, iMac 5k

(BTW: Magnet has exactly the same problem)

This has definitely been fixed quite a while ago. If you still experience issues with Chrome and window snapping it is probably a problem with some chrome extension.

Indeed. If I start Chrome with '--disable-extensions', it works.
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Maybe post a list of the extensions you have installed - would still be interesting which one causes this, so I can check whether it can be fixed.

I updated to Chrome 70.0.3538.102 on my Macbook Pro this morning and it broke Snap for Chrome only. The beta update fixed the issue. Thanks!

For me it was the Google Hangouts extension for chrome. As soon as I turned that extension off, BTT started working as expected