Better Menu Bar - add buttons and widgets to the menu bar

Maybe hard to implement, but who wants to stick some stuff in the menu bar?

We could make things like displaying iTunes currently playing song, CPU temp, button to switch BTT profiles quickly, etc.

Basically stick similar functionality that can be done with the touchbar but being able to place into the menu bar...

Hmmm, I'm actually on the opposite end of the scale. I've got Bartender 3 taking everything off my menu bar.

Yep, me too

My suggestion includes adding items to the menu bar, much like the touch bar.

I wouldn't, but maybe people would like to add some widgets such as a weather display or some window snapping functions to it...

I'm confused you are doing a suggestion that you will not use?

iTunes song is a good idea.
I feel we all use Bartender 3 because of how many apps decide they deserve a spot up there.
I think if the controls were in my hands, it could be a useful feature.

Again, I only really use Bartender 3 because 80% of the apps I run don't actually need to tell me they're running in the menubar.

I personally like my screens clean. If I can access the info using a swipe, thats fine.

(e.g. i DONT like it when people put the date and the time into the touchbar for some reason. Its already in the corner of the screen.. ?)

But since it seems to be a thing, why not have the ability to add some applescripts up there, weather, a finder action, a script that turns on and off the internet sharing? (I have one of this in my touchbar but i hold control to get it up)