Best way to get help? BTT crashes on me constantly

I posted a bug report weeks ago in that section of the forum, but it never got responded to. BTT is crashing on me constantly on Mojave to the point where I'm on the verge of uninstalling. I can't find a support email address on the website, does anyone have any suggestions on how to seek help?


could you post the crashlog again? the link from your previous post doesn’t work anymore

This link should work, thank you

actually here is a newer report that should represent the latest version of BTT

were you able to find anything in the logs?

For some reason the "zoom window under cursor" action seems to crash for you, but unfortunately I was not yet able to reproduce this.

Does this maybe happen with some specific app?

Try with Firefox v84

were you ever able to reproduce? @Andreas_Hegenberg

@Andreas_Hegenberg it also happens with RStudio v1.4.1103

@Andreas_Hegenberg and also with Zoom Version: 5.5.2 (12513.0205) ...

time for me to renew my license, has this been fixed in the latest update?