Best/easiest way to toggle between disable & enable macOS ESC?

I first subscribed to BTT ~ 2 versions ago with the sole goal of disabling “ESC” on my 13” 2019 Mac Pro Touch Bar. Following step x step instructions from someone on Apple community support, I was able to easily get the BTT icon on my macOS TB (to disable macOS TB) and I named a BTT TB button (“unhide macOS TB”) to enable macOS TB. But then, either because I upgraded to (a) macOS Catalina (v 10.15.3) and/or (b) upgraded to newer versions of BTT, both buttons disappeared and I’ve not been able to replicate what I did (I tried the step x step suggested by Caliguvara--but no luck). I just upgraded BTT again (v 3.321), but this hasn’t helped me either (granted, solving software problems is not an area of strength for me).

Can someone direct me to a newer tutorial or another source to figure this out?