BBT Gesture Groups

The gestures are organized by application type and then by gesture kind in separate folders groups with in the application

When invoking a gesture with the trackpad, a BTT floating menu displays the gesture group. The first menu item is a gesture to the BTT application dashboard.

Is it possible to link a BTT gesture to a specific application's gestures folder in the BTT dashboard?

For example:
2 finger swipe left displays a menu gesture group for the app OSX mail.
Invoking the first menu item displays the BTT dashboard with the OSX Mail app preselected
and the 2 finger swipe left gesture group opened.

In other words, I am trying to link a BTT gesture to the BTT Dashboard > OS Mail application > 2 finger swipe left group.

Let me know if the question is clear and if this is possible to achieve with the BBT app?

thank you!